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Monroe Middle School Learning Center

 Monroe Activity Center

Homework. Enjoyable. Quality. These are traits that describe Monroe’s after school program, also widely known as MSLC or MAC. Students often come here after school to get the homework help they need, and to even socialize with old or new friends to make. “I made a ton of friends and have had a chance to get to know them even better than before,” Izaac Horton and CheQuilia Brown say. “We definitely love to come to this program, and I think more people should come.” Even I have tried to recruit others to the program, but most students say they’d rather go home than stay after school. As a proven fact, most kids are beat up or get into things they should not meddle with. Fortunately, MAC only lasts about 2 ½ hours, and everyday maintains to keep students interested and sharp on their school skills. I say this from my point of view; MAC is not just a place to do even MORE work then intended. It’s a sanctuary of students and facilitators that give an even more scintillating light of their future successes.                                                                           -Maison Horton
                                                                                                MAC attendee

In the MAC we do our homework, participate in various activities, eat a snack, and have fun!

The following are a few of the programs that MAC members Participate in: Center For Holistic Developement, African Culture Connection, Public Library, Rose Theater, Mustang Web Design Team, and Tutoring.

There are other programs. These are just a few of the many that MAC has to offer. 

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Monday thru Friday

Monroe Middle School

Fun Educational Activities

Program director: Kim Bradford


Tequilla Jackson
Jerome Hunter
Brandon Williams


Outward Bound


Truck Farm

Girls Scouts

Omaha Community Playhouse

Nebraska Wildlife

AIM Institute