Daily Student Bulletin


Student Daily Bulletin

This is a copy of the daily student bulletin that is emailed out to students.

December 1st, 2020

 Good Morning Mustangs!
Happy Tuesday!  Today is December 1st and it is an A Day at Monroe Middle School.  
Today's Lunch Options:
  • Mini Corn Dogs
  • Country Beef Cutlet on a Bun
  • Turkey Deli Sandwich
  • It is crunch time Mustangs - today marks 9 days left of 1st semester.  It is time to get all those grades up so that you can receive a report card that you can be proud of!  Please read the following tips to help:
    • Move yourself out of the "F" range.  Do not be okay with an "F" in ANY class!  This is a really bad habit to get into and habits are hard to change.  Once you are in high school F's = no credit for the class and you will need to repeat the entire class.
    • If possible, focus on doing/improving any summative grades - these are the things that will raise your grades much quicker than the formative grades.  
    • Before asking your teachers what you need to do, please look at Infinite Campus to see what you are missing.  While your teachers are willing to help, it is best to show that you have attempted to get this information yourself first and just need clarification on what to do about it or if it is something that will still be accepted.  
    • Be kind and patient when speaking to your teachers about your missing work - remember, these are things that are past due.  They had been taught/explained previously.  Your teacher is doing you a HUGE favor by re-teaching or by accepting work.  Make sure to express your gratitude for what they are doing for you.  
    • Remember, any improvements in your grades are better than no improvements.  Sometimes we get so far behind, it all becomes overwhelming.  If that is where you are at, start by focusing on one thing that you can do to improve one class.  That feels much more manageable and once you are successful with that you can try the same with another class.
  • Next week (Dec. 7-11th) is Spirit Week here at Monroe.  Here's a look to each day's theme so you can begin to get creative...
    • Monday, December 7th - Whoville Hair Day...wear your hair in a CRAZY style.
    • Tuesday, December 8th - Candy Cane Day...wear red and white or stripes.
    • Wednesday, December 9th - Sparkle and Shine Day...wear something glittery or shiny.
    • Thursday, December 10th - Reindeer-ish Day - Dress in your favorite animal print or clothing with animals on it.
    • Friday, December 11th - Holiday Gear Day - Wear your favorite seasonal sweater, tie, socks, etc.
  • Please stop by on January 4th from 11am until 6pm for second semester supplies for your students. If you are unable to pick up items on that day, they will be available for pick up from January 5th-January 8th from 7am until 4pm. Items will be available on the south side between Benson and Monroe, similar to the beginning of school. This process won't take as long as it did in the Fall as we will only have to give you a bag.
  • Teachers are teaching to both students in class as well as to students who are learning remotely...
    • Students with last names starting with A-K (Light Blue) will come Monday's and Tuesday's 
    • Students with last names starting L-Z (Yellow) will come Thursday's and Friday's.
    • Groups will alternate Wednesdays 
    • When you are not in person at Monroe, you will be expected to participate in Remote Learning on your device at home.
    • Attendance will be taken EVERY DAY!
    • Below is this week's schedule for in person learning
    • Monday,    Nov. 30th   

      Light Blue    A-K Day   

      Tuesday,    Dec. 1st    Light Blue    A-K Day  

      Wednesday Dec. 2nd


       L-Z Day  

      Thursday, Dec. 3rd
      L-Z Day  
      Friday,   Dec. 4th Yellow 
      L-Z Day  
  • The late bus is running for students who are participating in athletics or MAC.  ONLY students who currently ride buses 5, 29, 35, 130, and 155 are eligible to sign up for the late bus. The bus leaves Monroe at 5:30 PM. Please email Ms. Uher at brandi.uher@ops.org if you want to sign up for the late bus!!
Upcoming Sports:
  • 7th and 8th grade volleyball clinics are happening on Monday's and Thursday's and boys' basketball is happening on Tuesday's and Friday's.  No clinics are being held on Wednesdays.  
  • In order to be able to participate students must:
    • Have a current physical on file with the nurse
    •  Have a sports packet on file with Mrs. Thomas, Athletic Director
    • Have passing grades in all classes
  • Students can only participate on the days that you are already scheduled to be in school per the 3/2 model.  Coaches will be providing information about sign-up days soon.
Extracurricular Opportunities:
  • It's a new QUIZ BOWL!!!  December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white rider.  As a nod to Civil Rights leaders, Quiz Bowl has added some questions about those amazing and brave people.  There are also questions about tv shows and movies, geography, and science.  Anyone can play Quiz Bowl!  Join us this week with code PCHVQ.  If that fills up, e-mail Ms. Sitzman at ruth.sitzman@ops.org for a new code.
  • Students interested in AIM Trio Talent Search Program, please complete the following form, save it and email it back to me - https://t.co/Cys1hyZwaa!  This program is a free college and career prep program - through this,  you will have unique opportunities!
  • Students interested in history (particularly African American history) - join Mr. Moore in representing Monroe Middle School for the African American History Challenge.  Email Mr. Moore at matthew.moore@ops.org if you would like to be a part of this!
  • Join Manga Club!  Share community with other students that love Manga and Anime during morning office hours (days TBA).  Join us by going to Teams, 
    1. clicking on the Teams tab at the bottom
    2. Clicking on the two people and a + sign at the top left above your list of teams.
    3. Select "Join a Team with a Code"
    4. Put in this code "fqc9x1q"
    5. Once you are in, follow the directions on the General Posts page. 🙂
    6. I hope you are able to join us for another year!
Monroe Meal Information:
  • Students please make sure your parents/guardians know that if you did not complete a lunch application yet, you will be returning to full pay.  Even though some are remote right now and others will be starting in-person learning, it is possible that we may switch back to all in person learning in the future - and this could be an unnecessary cost for your family.  This can also affect families participating in the Meals2Go program - you will go to full pay if your lunch application has not been completed.  Families can apply online in the OPS website or can stop by school and pick up an application (see below for more information). 
  • Are you interested in getting breakfasts and lunches from school?  OPS has the Meals 2 Go Program up and running!  
    • Meals will be picked up from 8:30-9:30 am on Monday (for Monday and Tuesday meals) and Wednesday (for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday meals).
    • Families can pick up from any location that would be easiest for pick up (could be an elementary school down the street instead of Monroe).
World of Remote/Helpful Information:
  • Students, we are NOT cancelling your classes - this is either a glitch or something that we are not fully understanding on our end. 
    • If you are seeing that a class is not available or cancelled, please attempt to find it through Teams/Outlook. 
    • If you cannot find your class, contact your teacher or counselor for help. 
    • Each day you have PE, you should have 5 classes; on days without PE, you should have 4 classes.  Office hours are optional and are for you to speak to teachers/counselors, if needed. 
  • Please remember, while in Remote Classes, refrain from overusing or using the chat feature for personal conversations during class.  This is intended for appropriate classroom discussions.
  • If you have any problems with or questions about your schedule, please email your grade level counselor:
    • 6th Grade - mary.feldman@ops.org
    • 7th Grade - karina.loder@ops.org
    • 8th Grade - laura.haynes@ops.org
Schedules to Follow:
Birthday Shout Outs:
  • Since we can't do our normal locker signs to recognize birthdays at this point this year, why not help recognize you in our announcements!?  Happy Birthdayto each and every one of the following students...
    • Today, December 1st...
      • Justice B. (6A)
      • Arielle B. (6B)
      • LaDamion N. (6A)
      • Moo Kpaw Shee (8A)
  • It is also that time of year again that we recognize those that do not have birthdays during the school year.  Happy Half Birthday to the following students...
    • June 1st...
      • Keyari R. (7A)
      • Kyle S. (7B)
      • Ericka A. (8A)
      • Edil M.G. (8B)
      • Shynez T. (8B)
A Little Randomness:
  • Today is Giving Tuesday takes place on Tuesday directly after American Thanksgiving, which in turn takes place on the 4th Thursday of November. Giving Tuesday was created to help the “giving season” get started, reminding people that there is more to holidays than consumerism and commercialization.

Today's Bit of Inspiration:
  • “If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.” – Thomas J. Watson
Have a terrific In Person/Remote Tuesday at Monroe!!!  

November 20th, 2020