Welcome to seventh grade Social Studies! We are in for an exciting and worldly experience this year. It is my privilege and honor to be your guide as we explore Planet Earth and all of its wonders. When I am not at school you can usually find me camping and traveling. Last summer, I traveled over a thousand miles within Nebraska, exploring all of the neat places. This summer, I decided to lose the car and travel across the state of Iowa by bike! Who knows, next summer I may walk across Kansas (probably not).  Besides traveling, I  also enjoy photography; I manage my own photography website. You can check out my website here: Click here! I love taking pictures of the land and in doing so, I can get a better understanding of history. I hope to show my students the wonders of the world and the stories of the people within it. Let's have a great year.... and never stop traveling! 


Where will we be traveling to this year?

During August and September we will travel to Southwest Asia. In October and November we will fly down to Sub-Sahara Africa until December. In January, February, and March we will travel northeast to South and Southeast Asia. By April and May, we will be ending our journey in Russia and parts of East Europe. 


Social Studies 

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Mr. Moore