classroom expectations

1.  Students are to be punctual (on time). 

Tardy policy - 1st - warning, 2nd - warning, 3rd - call home & detention, 4th - detention & sent to counselor, 5th - referral to administrator

2.  Students are to be prepared, Every Day, bringing all needed materials to class, which will consist of the following: agenda, reading book/material, spiral notebook, paper & pencils

*   Passes- Only three passes are issued per quarter. There are no exceptions. Use your passes wisely!

3.  Students are to be respectfulRespect your self and your classmates. Being disrespectful will result in disciplinary actions being taken.

4.  Students are to be responsible for their actions.

          Assignments:  Students are responsible for completing and turning in work on time. Students are responsible for writing their assignments in their agenda. Students are responsible for their grades! If students are absent, they must come in 1-2 days after their return to get any missed work.     

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