Welcome from the Monroe Middle School Administrative Team!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year.  At Monroe we live by the 4’B’s in everything that we do.  Our mission is to be responsible, be respectful, be safe and be your best in the classroom and life.  Monroe Middle School is committed to creating an inclusive environment that collaboratively develops resilient achievers to become civic and global contributors in society.  In order for us to live out our mission and vision for all of our students we have worked with our governing bodies to establish the student handbook & code of conduct that we expect and uphold with all of our students.  It is our expectation that students know the contents within our handbook/code of conduct and follow them daily.  When we strive to be our best, be safe, be respectful and be responsible we will establish a safe and welcoming environment for everyone so learning can take place to provide all our students with the best possible education.   


We look forward to working collaboratively with all our families this school year and thank you for choosing Monroe Middle School.   



 Job                     Name Phone Number   Email  Webpage
 Principal Mr. Tony Gunter 531-299-7354  rios.gunter@ops.org  
 Assistant Principal - 8B Mrs. Diana Thomas 531-299-8237  diana.thomas@ops.org  
 Assistant Principal - 8A Ms. Stephanie Vodehnal 531-299-7507  stephanie.vodehnal@ops.org  
 Dean of Students - 6A/B        
 Dean of Students - 7A/B Mr. Odell Santos 531-299-2460  odell.santos@ops.org