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Below you will see two different communications that will help you navigate through our remote learning process.  We put this together to share with families as we believe it may help with those that did not and those that did receive the remote learning options for coming up soon.  

If You Did Not Receive a Survey 

For the families that did not receive the email in regards to remote learning preference, it was likely do to the fact we do not have an updated email address for them or they have opted out of receiving communication from the district.  Families can always opt back in to receiving emails from the district, but they would have to contact district communications to do so, 531-299-0221.  If anyone would like to update their information you could call the school to do so as well.  However, to get the survey, resent to a different email, parents will have to contact 531-299-0314.  If families do not have an email account, they can record responses with the staff member assisting them from district community services.  Below is an email that was sent to families regarding the options for remote learning.  The phone lines may be busy so please leave a message if possible, to have your call return.  Thank you.  

We monitored social media last evening and based on preliminary comments and questions received from principals, I imagine calls today to could center around accessing the survey to report whether a student will return in person or stay with remote learning. 

 Our partners in Research used the system they have (called Qualtrics) to distribute the survey/form since it pre-populates a family’s information. Instead of entering family, student and school information it is already there. All a parent has to do is click which option they plan to or remote. It went out by email at 4:30 Wednesday, immediacy following DC’s message to families. 

 If a family did not receive the survey link, they can call / be transferred to Student and Community Services at 531-299-0314 where staff are ready to assist.  

Jeremy Maskel 

Executive Director of District Communications & External Relations, Omaha Public Schools 


If You Have Questions About the Survey You Received 

If you did receive the email and were confused by it, please read this response to help bring some clarification in regards to the survey itself.   

NOTE: If parents opened the survey prior to around 7:50 this morning, the old version of the survey without the clarified language regarding what parents are actually signing for will be displayed. Please help folks understand that they are purely signing that they understand what the expectations are for remote learning and NOT that their signature indicates they want to enroll their child(ren) in remote learning. After they sign to indicate their understanding, they will go to another page that gives them the options for their students learning format. Lastly, please help to discourage folks sharing their link with others. The survey is HIGHLY specific to each family who received it! 


Sports Physicals

Dear Monroe Families:

The health and safety of our students and staff is our priority.  We care deeply about the well-being of our students and student-athletes.  Regular visits with a physician is critical to be sure students are healthy and ready for athletic opportunities.  

Pre-participation physicals will remain a requirement for the school year to come.  We hope the visit is an opportunity to not only get required immunizations and complete a wellness check for athletics, but to also discuss precautions and opportunities to remain healthy throughout the school year.  



Registration/ Transfer withing the OPS District

You will need to provide proof for the following: If your child is already attending an OPS school and your address has changed: The address is outside the school’s attendance area; You are transferring within OPS.  The following documents can be used as proof and you will also need to complete a STR form:

  • MUD Bill                                        * OPPD Bill                           * Superintendent’s Letter
  • Lease agreement                         * Telephone Bill

If you and your children are currently living with someone (besides yourself or spouse) and the documents above are in someone else’s name you will need to complete a Residential Affidavit.  The affidavit will need to be completed by the person in who’s name the proof of address is under.  The school’s Student Support Liaison will then review the information.


Registration from Outside the OPS District

If your child is coming from another school district; city; state; or country, you will need to provide the following documents to complete enrollment (this can be done at the school or at the TAC building below):

  • Proof of Address                                        Teacher Administrative Center (TAC)
  • Current Immunizations                             Student Placement Office
  • Birth Certificate or I-94                             3215 Cuming Street

Omaha, NE  68131-2024

You will be asked to sign a release to request records from your child’s previous school.  7th Grader’s are required to have a physical on file.  7th and 8th grade students who plan on participating in sports are required to have a sports physical as well as provide proof of insurance before being allowed to participate.

Please note:  Students who are entering into OPS from another school district and who currently receive Special Education Services will be required to enroll under a 45 day placement (which is in place so that your child can get set up with the proper services).  The school Student Support Liaison will directly handle these enrollments.